Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Let's Have An Honest Discussion

As those who read my rants on a regular basis (both of you) know, I am not a trump supporter by any stretch of the imagination. In my opinion, he is loud, boorish, intellectually incurious. he does not have a Presidential temperament. He lies. He rips people off. He will say whatever he needs to say in order to accomplish his goal ... and his only goal is glorifying himself.

I found myself thinking, though, that I am wrapping myself in this anti-trump bubble. I associate with people who feel as I do. Not out of the ordinary, I suppose; for millennia humans have gravitated to those with whom they have common ground. But what about those people outside the bubble?

This got me to thinking that part of the problem we are facing, part of the unending rancor, is due to the fact that stereotypes abound in a landscape facing a dearth of factual information. All trump supporters are racist. All Hillary supporters are whiny liberals. All Republicans are interested only in being cruel. All Democrats just want to give handouts to illegal immigrants.

The truth is obviously somewhere in the middle of all the shrieking, something I tried to cover in a previous article entitled Republicans Aren't Necessarily Bad. They're Just Drawn That Way. And while this may have been fine as far as it went, it is still just my side of things.

So I want to start hearing from Republicans in general and trump supporters in particular. However, since the circle that reads this is noted for being vehemently anti-orange, it's going to take some help to get conservatives to take notice of this ... and to take it seriously instead of resorting to a knee-jerk "libtards!" reaction.

This is where you come in.

I'm sure there are people out there who know someone who is a conservative Republican and/or trump supporter, and those are the people I would like to hear from now. All I am looking for is the answer to one question:

Why are you a Republican?

This is not intended as a challenging question, but a sincere effort to understand. Political debate in this country will go absolutely nowhere if all we do is scream at each other across an ever-widening divide. So, in an effort to open up the discussion, I would genuinely like to hear from Republicans explaining why their affiliation lies with the Republican Party.

Please share this with any Republicans you know, and let's get the ball rolling.

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Unknown said...


I think an open discussion is important. It was our intent in creating the Discuss Montclair Facebook group.

Note: Below are the main reasons that my affiliation lies with the republican party. While I may vote republican, the key areas for why I do are as follows:

- Republicans tend to be fiscally conservative (this is my main reason)
- I also tend to side with the Republican views on Foreign Policy
- I am also Pro-Life, but understand that there are situations where abortions are needed
- Republicans also take a harder stance on immigration. I am all for a path for immigration to America, and I believe that the current system needs reform, however and open door policy is not the right approach either. I think we need to strengthen our boarders to stop the influx of illegal immigration, but at the same time make the process easier for people to legally come to America.

While I tend to vote republican, I truly lie much closer to the middle on most other social issues. I am more or less indifferent when it comes to things like same sex marriage, healthcare, death penalty, religious freedoms etc...

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