Thursday, May 25, 2017

Arrogance Personified

There is a twelve second video clip that is taking the internet by storm today (you can see it here). In  this clip, taken at the NATO summit, we see a group of NATO leaders getting ready for a photo op. In comes trump, who grabs the Prime Minister of Montenegro and rudely shoves him out of the way so trump can be in the front of the photo.

Why do we let this guy, this bully, this buffoon, this uncultured clown represent us on the world stage?

Part of the problem is that there is still as segment of American society -- shrinking daily, but not fast enough -- who refuse to admit that their guy is doing anything wrong. Some comments I have seen on Facebook:
  • "kinda awesome"
  • "No. No. No. WATCH CLOSELY! He stepped on the back of the Montenegro leaders FOOT! The Monte. leader cleary says 'OH SHIT' When he says that, the women turns around, Trump makes that "Oops" face... It's media lying again!!!! Don't believe it, make the video bigger and watch real close!!!"
  • "Get the hell out of the way. The US pays for this shit show u cal NATO"
  • "it actually looked like he and the other man were being playful. why must people make something negative out of everything?"

Okay, so first things first. They were NOT "being playful." If they were, trump would have said something to the man. He did not. He unceremoniously shoved him out of the way, then turned his back to him. The body language very clearly says "beat it, peasant. I'm the fucking president of the United States, so you can kiss my shriveled ass."

Second, I have made no bones about the fact that I oppose trump with every cell in my body. I at least had a sliver of hope that he wouldn't be an international embarrassment. That hope died today.

Third, he needs to go. Now. He is rapidly turning the United States into the idiot cousin nobody wants at the family reunion, and everybody who voted this assclown into office is complicit in this.

Finally, on behalf of all the non-trump people in the United States of America, I would like to apologize to the rest of the world for putting a psychotic orangutan in the White House. Granted, I didn't vote for him, and neither did a plurality of Americans. The fact remains, this man-child, this overgrown orange toddler, this petulant, petty tire fire masquerading as a human being does not represent who we are as Americans, but instead embodies all that is base, and cynical, and incompetent, and cruel, and uncaring.

Please know that, as an American, I do not condone this man's behavior, and I will do everything in my power to have him peacefully and legally removed from office. Hopefully before he launches a nuclear first strike against CNN or something.

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G Elliott said...

I am British and agree with everything you have written.

Do not worry we understand that this poor excuse for a human being does not represent the people of the United States and only hope that you can quickly get rid of him one way or another and hopefully replace him with someone who will make Americans proud again.

George Elliott

misty said...

It is easy to misinterpret this video, especially due to how short it is showing little of before; but you can see that Trump places his arm across the shoulders of the other man and the other man has his arm around Trump's waist. Being playful is all it is and nothing more. Watch it a few times and you will see and your perception will change.

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