Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Evangelicals Are Not Christians

Miguel de la Torre
It is a very rare thing when I, as an atheist, can find someone of faith talking about Jesus in terms that don't cause me to question their ability to think independently. This is one of those times. In an opinion piece written for the Baptist Times (you can find the article here), Professor Miguel de la Torre, a professor of social ethics and Latino/a studies at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado, writes about how modern day evangelicals have twisted the teachings of Jesus to server their narrow political desires.

Titled "The death of Christianity in the U.S," Professor de la Torre's piece spells out where evangelicals have twisted and perverted the words of Jesus to serve their own ends ... all in the name of a Supreme Court pick and some lower taxes.

De la Torre makes this argument far more eloquently than when I have attempted it. Regardless, the sentiment is the same. Evangelicals have turned Christianity into a product, and they are selling to the highest bidder ... in this case, the Republican Party. From televangelists like James Bakker and Franklin Graham trying to convince people that trump was "ministering" to Stormy Daniels, to James Dobson calling for a day of "fasting and prayer" for trump "to save him from impeachment," to televangelist Paula White, trump's "spiritual advisor," exhorting her followers to give money -- the first month's salary for the year -- or suffer the consequences for failing to obey God's command.

Right off the bat, this is not God's command, but Paula White's. And if she is trump's spiritual advisor, then she needs to find a new gig because holy mother of pearl, she sucks at her job. Moving on ...

None of these people, according to de la Torre, are true Christians. The are charlatans, false prophets, and blasphemers. In my opinion, de la Torre nails it.

I gotta lie down.

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