Friday, August 17, 2018

Trumpeters Get Something Right

Y'all may wanna sit down for this.

The apocalypse is here. I know this because I find myself actually agreeing with the right about something to do with trump.

I know. I had hard time with it myself.

Anyway, it all has to do with Omarosa and her new "book" (used ironically, since I doubt the woman actually wrote anything at all and this is instead the work of a ghostwriter) and her claims that trump is a racist.

First off, DUH. He is. Everybody knows he is. He has been quite open about it. And I know that various and sundry trumpeters are going to come out of the woodwork to shriek about how he's not a racist because he once said something nice about Kanye West, and Obama was the REAL racist, and what about Hillary Clinton killing Seth Rich before deleting the emails about it from her private server in Benghazi?

Second, let's face facts. She is a female, African-American version of trump himself. A towering ego bordering on megalomania? Check. An inability to see -- or give a hot damn about -- how her words and actions affect others? Check. A firm belief in her own superiority over the gaggle of idiots surrounding her? Check. A cavalier willingness to mistreat others for her own gain? Check. Blatant, naked opportunism? Check. Constantly playing the victim card instead of accepting responsibility for her own actions? Check, check, check, check, check.

Basically, she is donald trump with blackface and fake boobs. This is why, when she got shitcanned (for the fourth time, by the same guy!) for being incompetent, her response was not "Well, time to dust off the ol' resume," or "Maybe I should focus on improving some of these problem areas." Instead, she decided to put her paranoia and vindictiveness on full display by announcing that a) she had written a book detailing what a shitty person trump is (and let's face it, the line of people wanting to write that book extends from here to Saturn) and b) she had been taping everything that had been said by anyone to her or about her or in her presence or that might have had some tangential relationship to something in which she was marginally interested.

It's ludicrous.

To be fair, trump has been very, very good for the economy in the "books about trump that depict him as a raging asshole but you know everybody already knew that" sector. "Fire and Fury" went gangbusters, even though it was pretty much a gossip column writ large. "A Higher Loyalty" has been selling well, although not as well as "Fire and Fury" (I haven't read it but it's safe to assume that this is due to James Comey not being a gossip columnist and therefore unable to convey things in the salacious manner of Michael Wolff). Omarosa's book, which is probably chock-full of wild claims -- about trump's racism, his boorishness, his hair, his family, the way he smells1, the way he lumbers aimlessly from room to room like a heavily medicated bear, the fact that I just now made up about how he uses his ridiculous oversized tie as a bib -- will undoubtedly have the same visceral "gotta get to the next page" quality of Wolff's book, but will also be similarly light on corroborating information and facts.

After all, fact-free content is kinda the hallmark of the trump administration.

So my thinking is that this book is going to be another nothingburger, yet another attempt at shaming a man who has no shame, embarrassing someone who simply can't be embarrassed because of his rampant narcissism, and demanding accountability from someone who has never been held accountable for anything in his entire life.

I gotta lie down.

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1I'm guessing it's a piquant combination of horrible breath from all the Diet Cokes and Drakkar Noir.

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