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White Nationalists Suck, By The Way

On August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, racism, white supremacy, and adolescent rage all converged in a horrific thirty second burst of murderous mayhem. The car pictured above, driven by James Alex Fields, 20, of Maumee, Ohio, drove directly into a crowd of protesters, apparently with the express intent to maim and kill as many people as possible.

James Alex Fields, 20, of Maumee, Ohio was the driver of the car.
Unfortunately, he succeeded.

Heather Heyer, 32, a legal assistant at Miller Law Group in Charlottesville, VA, was killed in the rampage when she was struck by Fields' 2010 Dodge Challenger.

Heather Heyer, 32, was identified as the lone fatality of Fields' rampage
I have read and heard statements from various people on the right about the tragedy in Charlottesville. The vast, overwhelming majority of these comments have been what one would expect from anyone regardless of political affiliation: denunciations of the hate exhibited by the white nationalists, condemnation of the murder and assault perpetrated by Fields as well as the violence committed on both sides, etc. However, there have been a few outliers claiming that Heyer is partly responsible for her own death due to being at the protest in the first place ... what is ironic is that one of these people made this statement immediately after defending the right of all who were there to exercise free speech1.

There was also a post on the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi web site, that suggested that Heyer's murder was a good thing because she had failed in her duty as a woman to bear children (obviously, I am not going to link to the article here; the last thing I want to do is given them a higher page rank).

James Fields, the driver of the car, is pictured here (center) as part of the white nationalist demonstration on Friday evening.
It is a sad state of affairs when a 20 year old can become so twisted, so filled with misguided rage, that he feels entitled to take the lives of others simply because they look different or disagree with him. It is an even sadder state of affairs when this rage, this hatred, is implicitly sanctioned by a conservative government that is lurching further to the right every day, despite the fact that these policies are opposed by a majority of Americans. And it is absolutely unconscionable that the President of the United States refuses to single out the racists, white supremacists, and Nazis gathered in Charlottesville by name for propagating such hatred and division, preferring instead to issue a statement that, because of three words (repeated, by the way), carries almost no freight:
"We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides. On many sides. It's been going on for a long time in our country. Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. This has been going on for a long, long time."
Yes, trump is correct that hatred, bigotry, and violence have been here for a long time. He is also correct when he describes it as an "egregious display." Where he is incorrect is in his use of the words "on many sides."

Violence is the language of white nationalists. Violence is the language of Nazis. Violence is the language of ANTIFA, who were originally left-wing anti-fascism protestors but who have been taken over by violent extremists. Violence is not the language of the counter-protestors, who are part of the larger movement preaching diversity, tolerance, and acceptance.

Violence was not the language of Heather Heyer, or of the 19 others injured in the attack. Theirs was a language of justifiable anger, to be sure, but it was expressed through calls to peaceful action: using mass action to influence legislators; making their voices known through peaceful demonstrations, op-eds, and the like. It was expressed by saying to the white  nationalist demonstrators, in no uncertain terms, "We do not agree. Your views do not reflect what America is about."

Now she is dead because white nationalists feel that murder is a proportional response.

These people -- and I use the term "people" only because they are bipedal carbon-based life-forms on the genus homo here on Earth -- do not deserve even the slightest bit of mercy. For decades --centuries, even --they have been killing people because of the color of their skin, demeaning women, advocating genocide, eugenics, mass deportation. They have refused to accept the legitimate right of those who are unlike them to simply exist.

I want to extend them the same courtesy.

I do not advocate for violence. Nobody truly ever changed their viewpoint at the point of a sword. People have only changed their stance when they have been convinced using open, honest debate, so resorting to violence, while it may achieve whatever the short-term goal is, only leads to more violence, more upheaval. Therefore, in my opinion violence is absolutely the wrong tool for any job.

Except this one.

If President Trump2 were to activate the military or the National Guard and order them to root out these hate groups -- the white nationalists, the ANTIFA protestors, neo-Nazis, the KKK -- and obliterate them, I wold understand the Constitutional objections. I would totally get why people would object. I understand that it would be a slippery slope.

I just wouldn't agree.

We are not going to peaceful co-existence here. We are not trying to change hearts and minds; these assholes are too far beyond that. We are going for extermination.

Just as you don't negotiate a truce with the cockroaches under your sink or the mildew on your shower curtain, we should not bother trying to negotiate anything with these people. Like a rabid raccoon that is too diseased to be cured, the kindest thing we can do is put them out of their misery.

I realize this is not an "accepted" liberal position, and I don't care. These are not people. They are not worthy of our attention and concern. They need to be eradicated.

I gotta lie down.

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1It is important -- crucial -- to note that white nationalists are not Constitutional conservatives, which is what people like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, etc. are. A Constitutional conservative is someone who adheres to a specific political ideology. White nationalists and their ilk, on the other hand, are not true conservatives in that they advocate for the overthrow of the government by force and replacing it with racially-based fascism.

2Y'all know how I feel about the guy, so the fact that I am using his full title and proper capitalization (which I have never done before) should tell you something. Just saying.

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