Wednesday, March 30, 2005

In the beginning ...

... there was this pasty, middle-aged white guy who had too much time on his hands. Combine this, add some battered ego, a dash of despair resulting from the rightward lunge the US seems to be making, a big stinking pile of disappointment in the 2004 election. Stir. Let simmer on the Web indefinitely. Serves ... oh, hell. Who knows?

Anyway, this is it. Our inaugural post. And unlike certain other political cowboys we won't mention, we actually LIKE hearing from people who disagree with us. That being said, let's lay down the parameters.

Rule #1: Any topic is fair game, regardless of political/religous/sexual orientation. Foul language may be used, but in the interest of keeping the discourse a little bit above the level exhibited by Dick Cheney we will not explicitly tell anyone to fuck off. Unless, of course, they really deserve it.

Rule #2: If you are going to bash us for being the namby-pamby, pantywaist, tax-and-spend, gay-loving, abortion-having, American-family-values-hating, gun-ownership-restricting liberals that we are, fer cryin' out load make sure you spell things correctly.

Rule #3: If your post is an attempt to get me to buy penny stocks, or sign up for an online degree program, or anything else in which you want mew to give you money for something that is borderline illegal and almost definitely worthless, then I will simply laugh loudly like this "HAHAHAHAHAH" and then tell you to kindly go scratch. And don't post ANYTHING on my blog, dammit.

Okay, that's it for the rules and regulations. Now on to bigger and better things ...

Come At Me, Bro

So the latest stunt from Ron DeSantis and the Floriduh GOP -- and that's all they are is stunts -- is SB 1316, a particularly odious and...