Monday, November 13, 2017

Hey Pat. Miss Me?

Dear Senator Toomey,

Hiya! It's me ... your absolutely favorite constituent. I know it's been quite a while since you heard from me, and I can only the imagine the heartbreak you must have felt when you stopped getting my letters. And I really wish I was writing under better circumstances, my darling, but .... well, you just keep stepping in it, man.

This time around it's the Tax Lies -- er, Plan -- being put forth by the GOP. You have made claims like "a family of four making $70K gets an addition ~$1500 in their pocket." and "A single parent making $41K gets their tax bill cut by more than half -- more than $1K."

You're lying.

This plan not only guts the poor and middle class, it is a huge -- and I mean hay-UGE -- giveaway to the top 1%. Y'all give them breaks like reducing the pass-through rate, reducing the corporate tax rate, and eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax ... and all of these giveaways (and more) are being paid for by those at the lower end. Eliminating state and local tax deductions. Capping the mortgage interest deduction. Reducing the marginal tax rate at the top. And so much more ...

And you are trying to sell this to the American people as somehow being in their best interests by invoking the ghost of Regan and trickle-down economics and relying on this tired old notion that shoving the benefits to the top of the economic ladder will cause them to tumble down in a cascade of corporate largess, a veritable pinata of economic good fortune. I mean, forget for the moment that it has been shown time and again over the past forty years that this doesn't work, and we won't mention the increasing income inequality on this country and how, the last time things were this bad, we were on the verge of falling off the worst economic cliff in human history, and I absolutely will not highlight the apparent correlation between big Republican donors and those who will benefit the most by this bill.

Look, I'm going to make it very simple for you, since you are evidently unwilling to listen to thoughtful, nuanced arguments and prefer to rely on bumper sticker platitudes. And, since you have already announced that you will not be seeking re-election (probably because it has become painfully obvious over the past several months that you would lose, and lose in an embarrassingly enormous fashion), I can only hope that you will do the right thing and actually vote for your constituents.

For once.


David A. Naples
The Blowhard Pundit

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