Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Idiocracy In The Flesh

Our future?

I think the problem is that this guy seems to be completely unaware that now his actions have consequences for millions of people, and not just a few contractors and his bottom line as in the past.

He claims that we need to get more Republicans in 2018 to reach a 60 vote majority, but even if that happens it won't go as he expects. The only way for him to get what he wants is to have 435 trumps in Congress and nine trumps on the Supreme Court, as well as trumps all over the White House --  much like the box elder bugs that migrate to my kitchen every fall.

I will say it as plainly and clearly as possible, in the hopes that some trumpeters understand: he is not presidential. He does not understand compromise. He does not understand that government cannot be run like a business because, no matter how hard he tries to make it one, it ISN'T. He does not understand that his words carry weight now, and not in his desired "look at me I'm the President" way, but in the sense that all he has to do is say one thing the wrong way and world markets will crash. He doesn't understand that other world leaders are not cowed by his celebrity, that he is viewed as a low-intellect, talentless buffoon the world over, and the bullying that may have worked with a piano maker from New Jersey is not going to work with Kim Jong-Un ... in fact, it will have the opposite effect, and may very well start World War III.

And while we're on that topic, I would like to address the president directly. Mr. trump, I didn't vote for you. I wouldn't have voted for you if you were running against the corpse of Barry Goldwater. You are an embarrassment to your family, the nation, and the world. If there are any extraterrestrials monitoring our electronic communications, they will immediately turn those receivers off so their brains cells don't immediately die by the millions with a racket like gravel on a metal playground slide just hearing the drivel that emanates from your oral sphincter.

Despite this vitriol, I am actually pleading with you to stop. Just stop. Everything. Everything you do is just wrong, and stupid, and shameful. In this case, you need to be aware that World War III is not going to be all guts and glory like World War II is portrayed in the movies.

It will be horrible.

Millions of innocent people will die. Large sectors of the planet will be rendered uninhabitable for decades at least, if not hundreds or thousands of years. Economies will be ruined. Some nations will cease to exist altogether. Millions more will die in the aftermath, from starvation, disease, radiation poisoning, or violence spurred by lawless anarchy.

But hey, as long as your Lockheed stock goes up, right? That's all that matters, isn't it?

Mr. president -- and you are such a chunk of fetid fecal matter I can't even capitalize the title -- the time has come for you and your cronies to step aside and let some adults take over. And I'm not talking about Mike "I'm So In The Closet But Refuse To Acknowledge It So I Go Over The Top With The Christian Thing Even Though Nobody Buys It" Pence, or Paul Ryan, or Mitch McConnell. I'm talking about people who will act in the best interests of the country, not themselves; who will compromise with those with whom they disagree to achieve a common goal, who understand that politics is not about getting what you want or preventing the other folks from getting what they want, but about working to satisfy their constituencies ... whether it is local selectmen trying to get a better deal on trash pickup service for their town or a president trying to shore up the economy to provide the maximum benefit for the maximum number of people.

I urge you to step down before you are Nixoned in a way that will make Nixon's departure look like a lovefest by comparison. You are not fit for office. You are not temperamentally suited to serve others. You are one step away from becoming Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, the ridiculous cartoon of a president in "Idiocracy" (and who knew that it was a prophetic documentary?).

Go elsewhere. We are done with you here.

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