Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Help Wanted

Okay, gang. We need an illustrator.

This isn't a paying gig (yet), but we need someone who can provide artwork -- cartoons and the like -- for our posts. Quick turnaround and a wicked, irreverent streak are essential. We are looking for "funny" and "appropriate to the material," and it doesn't hurt if it's a bit provocative, but we also want some underlying intelligence to it (no poop jokes unless we ask for 'em!). This isn't just "gimme a pretty picture;" your artwork will help define the public persona of the Blowhard Pundit.

If you or anyone you know fills the bill and is willing to take this on as an unpaid contributor (hey, we ain't gettin' nothin' either!), drop us a line at dave@blowhardpundit.com and we'll see if we can make some magic!

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