Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The GOP Wants You To Get Off Their Lawn

It has been an interesting ride since the inauguration of donald trump. When we hit the six month mark, many outlets ran timelines of his accomplishments1 (Breitbart et al) and his failures (Occupy Democrats and the like), while reputable outlets presented a simple timeline of what has happened since then.

What nobody has covered, and what I am going to cover here, is the progression of Republican reaction to opinions with which they don't agree since the election. And not just any Republican reaction, but Republican reaction on the internet. Won't this be fun, boys and girls?

"Get over it, snowflake"

It started mere nanoseconds after Election Day, when social media was flooded with triumphant mouth-breathers claiming victory and smugly telling liberals "He won. Get over it." Of course, the irony of having someone waving a Confederate flag and decrying the loss of the "good old days" telling others to "get over it" is not lost on ... well, anyone who is not a reactionary Republican.

Which, in today's political climate, includes pretty much every Republican. But I digress.


This became a rallying cry of sorts, claiming that news outlets -- which had spent years, decades, building up their reputations for fair, unbiased reporting -- had suddenly decided to abandon journalistic principles altogether and go full tabloid overnight. KellyAnne Conway took a break from slowly strangling her prey to pontificate on "alternative facts." Sean Spicer threatened to beat people up, or something before throwing his hands up and saying "fuck it. I quit." Anthony Scaramucci tried to bring a Lawn Gisland sensibility to the White House as Communications Director, apparently under the impression that what was needed in government was a sleazy used-car-salesman type hurling profanities at The New Yorker and ignoring the birth of his own child. trump himself apparently contracted Twitter Tourette's and starting spouting paranoid nonsense, 140 characters at a time. Reporters from legitimate outlets were shut down during press briefings, while Breitbart, InfoWars, the Daily Caller, and other right-wing bottom-feeders were given preferential treatment.

"At least he ain't Obama"

The next selection in this hit parade is basically saying, over and over, that Obama destroyed Murica and trump is gonna fix it and Make Murica Great Again and we should lock Hillary up and what about the Clinton Foundation, huh? Apparently, 84 months of continuous job growth (the longest in our nation's history), the killing of Osama bin Laden, saving the auto industry from collapse, allowing gays to serve in the military, legalizing same-sex marriage, getting 20 million people health care coverage when they didn't have it before, recovering from the Great Recession ... these are all signs of the impending apocalypse, or something.

One commenter on Facebook actually responded to one of my posts thusly: "You fucked up so bad we elected the craziest choice you could dream of." It's as if he was trying to claim that Republicans made a conscious effort to elect someone who was batshit crazy, who was mentally and emotionally unfit, to prove some kind of point, or something. I can picture a bunch of the guys from the RNC sitting around one night in 2015, getting bombed out of their skulls on cheap scotch and saying things like "No, wait a sec. I got a great idea. This'll be a howl. Donald trump for president" then giggling hysterically before turning Mitch McConnell on his back just to watch him struggle to right himself.

Here's the interesting thing. I have repeatedly pressed these people for details as to how Obama "fucked up so badly," and without exception they got nothin'. Sure, they give me a laundry list of supposed offenses: "He committed treason" "He ignored the Constitution by signing all those Executive Orders" "He broke the law". But when I ask for details, I get one of the following reactions:


I'm just a liberal and won't believe them anyway.

Hillary's emails, the Clinton Foundation, or any of a number of other irrelevant topics.

"Stop being so disrespectful"

This is one my very favorite. The same people who spent eight years accusing President Obama of being Muslim, being Kenyan, being a socialist, burning and/or lynching him in effigy, calling him names like "Obummer," portraying him and his wife as apes ... they are now demanding that the media stop calling trump names. "He's your president," they say. "Show some respect," they say. And when I point out all the nastiness that came before they are genuinely baffled as to what the point is that I am trying to make.

The thing is, trump has not earned any respect. Quite the opposite, in fact. From being oblivious to what his job actually is, to sheer vulgarity, he has demonstrated repeatedly that he is not qualified for this gig.

Once again, the sheer hypocrisy and willingness to not just distort, but absolutely pulverize, reality demonstrated by the GOP is simply astounding.

I gotta lie down.

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"It astounds me that you pretend to be an intelligent writer ... To be that you'd need to read things you don't agree with and judge them on merit, not source."

"That may be because liberal views have predominated for so long -- and now we are out of power...there's a kind of disbelief that value truisms once taken for granted no longer hold -- given that those with different views are now running the show."

1I use the term "accomplishments" very loosely here, as right-wing media has given him credit for things like "promoting cooperation between business and government," which, let's face it, is kinda what government does. Frankly, I'm surprised they didn't list "tied his own shoes" or "made boom-boom in the potty" as well.

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